Table of contents

  1. Table of contents
  2. Introduction
  3. What you will find here
  4. Quick Links
  5. How to get help


Welcome to the official Bastard Keyboards documentation website.

Just like the rest of BK’s work, this wiki is open-source - with the files on github. This wiki is hosted by Github Pages. Contributions are welcome!

We recommend first checking out the FAQ page, which contains answers to commonly asked questions like bluetooth and hotswap.

What you will find here

Use the left menu to navigate. You will find:

  • build guides for all keyboards*
  • detailed troubleshooting tips to help you debug your build
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • recommendations for 3d printing your own model
  • help on customizing your firmware

*If you are building the TBK Mini, use the Skeletyl build guide. If you are building a Charybdis Mini, use the Charybdis Nano build guide.

Additionally, we have a youtube channel. On it, you will find:

  • video build guides for the keyboards
  • tips and advice on designing your own case
  • explanations on how to use your keyboard
  • build logs and progress VLogs

Bastard Keyboards on youtube:

Quick Links

How to get help

If you are unable to solve your issue, you may get additional help of the Bastard Keyboards Discord server: