Table of contents

  1. Table of contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Daily use
    1. Default keymap
    2. Using the trackball / trackpad
      1. Sniping
    3. Miryoku
  4. Customization
    1. Using VIA
    2. Using QMK


Congratulations on successfully building your keyboard!

The Bastard Keyboards come with a range of features, and it’s also easy to customize them. On this page you will find additional information on how to use them and make them your own.

Daily use

Default keymap

You can find pictures of the default keymaps on the default keymaps page.

Alternatively, you can also plug in your keyboard and visualize the keymap using VIA (see VIA section).

Using the trackball / trackpad

If you prefer a video, how to use your trackball/trackpad keyboard is detailed here: video.

Holding down the MOUSE key (lower left, see picture) activates the mouse layer. On it, you will find a lot of useful features.

The most important ones are on the thumb cluster - it transforms into mouse buttons!

  • mouse + BTN1: Left click
  • mouse + BTN2: Right click
  • mouse + BNT3: Middle click


Sniping slows down the trackball. This way, you can move the cursor more precisely.

By default, Sniping mode is activated when you hold the MOUSE + SNIP keys at the same time. You can also configure qmk to have it activated automatically.


The 3x5 keyboards (Skeletyl, Charybdis Nano) come flashed with Miryoku. On its github repository you will find useful information on the different layers available.


You can find the latest default images for all Bastard Keyboards in the release section of the BastardKB QMK fork.

Using VIA

All Bastard Keyboards come flashed with VIA. You can open the VIA Web Interface through At the moment, only WebHID-enabled browsers work (eg. Chrome and Chromium-based).

You can check the following tutorial on how to use it:

Through VIA, you can customize:

  • the keymap
  • macros, layers
  • RGB

Using QMK

For how to flash your keyboard, take a look at the readme on the BKB QMK Fork.

For advanced customization of the Charybdis and Charybdis Nano, take a look at the customize page.